Wrote this for fun. Reach me on Discord at @Krayvok#0001


Ingame stats are instantly uploaded to the system after each game has commenced.

Bot stats are loaded every 15 minutes.

TrueSkill Ratings are calculated every 30 minutes per game in the queue.

Bot - System will lag behind actual game play. Ie; Site shows 5 games played, but really 7 have been played. The 2 remaining are pending queue to be loaded to site.



This site can be a bit of a mouthful, I haven't really put much time into the layout aspect. Essentially the site is broken down to 4 core modules.

  • Game Related
  • -Some tidbits of game related stuff

  • TrueSkill Ratings
  • -Each queue that has been created for Tribes 1 Pickup Bot will be displayed.

    -Each queue you will be able to see individual queue specific graphs.

    -All queues is pretty self explanatory.

    -Player Combined will show all queues for each player that has participated in a queue. If there is a black out for the queue, that individual hasn't participated in that specific queue.

    -Dashboard will show combined player graphs for each queue.

  • In Game Stats
  • Each pickup played will be stored. You can view specifics